Isn’t trading better (buy low and sell high) than waiting a few years?

NO! No need to do this, because the risk of losing money is much
higher than the chance of profit.
IMPORTANT! If you invest in debt (buy an asset for a lot
years) then your chances of PROFIT = 95-100%.
If you invest for short periods of time (minutes-hours-days-weeks-months), then your chances of PROFIT = up to 5%. On average you
you lose more than you gain. And than on shorter
The intervals you invest, the higher the chances of losing everything.
There is a category of investors who call themselves TRADERS. This
such people who believe that if you study the shamanic abra-kozyabry
under strange names (support lines, resistance lines, heads,
shoulders, etc.), then it is possible to predict the behavior of the asset on short
time intervals.
For example, they believe (if they see a certain pattern on a chart) that
asset A is imitating relative to asset B in the near future. This may
be anything from stocks and bonds to gold and cryptocurrencies.
Accordingly, if you know the “figures” and their “behavior”, then you can
predict the future. Such people buy asset A now (cheaper),
to sell at a higher price later. They consider themselves traders and holy
believe in the miracle of “technical analysis”. So remember these people
DECEIVE YOURSELF and OTHERS (gullible fools). Because
ESPECIALLY no one can guarantee results on short
periods of time because they:

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