Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters

As in lots of Hearth Emblem video games, there are actually no “greatest” characters to make use of in Interact. As a consequence of issues like Second Seals to vary courses, Grasp Seals to succeed in superior courses, and Emblem Ring talent inheritance, everybody can find yourself being helpful! Your greatest characters could be those whose design, persona, or common gameplay worth you like. Nevertheless, there are a couple of models that I discovered exceptionally helpful whereas taking part in. As such, I’d advocate conserving them on-hand when preventing your battles.

Editor’s Word: There can be spoilers beneath on this listing of potential greatest Hearth Emblem Interact characters.


Alear is nice! Which is nice, since you’re compelled to make use of them in main battles! Their distinctive weapon Liberation is a incredible sword with nice Str and Hit that can also fill the Interact meter. Divinely Inspiring ensures allies proper subsequent to them deal +3 harm and take 1 much less harm. Divine Spirit additionally ensures the Interact meter fills one step quicker. In the meantime, their common stats form up fairly nicely.


You’ll most likely need an archer round always, and I feel Alcryst ought to be that archer. Mine ended up with each increased Str and Dex than Fogado, your different nice archer choice. He additionally will get the Covert profit that doubles his Avo from terrain. He comes with the Get Behind Me talent, which supplies him +3 Str if an ally inside two areas is attacked. As soon as he turns into a Tireur d’elite, he can study the Hearth Emblem staple Luna, which may ignore half of a foe’s Def/Res based mostly on Dex share.



I hate Pandreo’s howls, however I can’t deny his versatility. He ended up being considered one of my greatest Hearth Emblem Interact characters. It is because whilst you’ll get healers who can use magic and vice-versa, in my sport he ended up being each top-of-the-line healer and magic harm models. His Magazine, Dex, Res, and Lck all skyrocketed. His Excessive Priest Self Therapeutic let him use staves on himself, which is incredible for survivability. Celebration Animal checks to see what number of allies and enemies are inside two areas, giving a 3x bonus to Avo and Hit because of this. Plus his Mystical class standing ignores foe terrain Avo bonuses. He’s incredible, and I form of hate him for that!

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Diamant


Alcryst isn’t the one Brodian prince it is best to hold round. Diamant ended up being top-of-the-line Hearth Emblem Interact characters in my sport too. He’s a “Backup” sort, which implies if he’s inside vary of an ally attacking, he’ll take part for a series assault to assist deal extra harm. Mine ended up with wonderful Str and Def stats. Honest Battle, which supplies him and an enemy +15 hit in an encounter if he initiates the assault and the enemy might counter assault, is useful. He additionally learns the Hearth Emblem staple Sol as a Successeur, which seems to be at his Dex stat to find out the chances of him recovering 50% of the harm he dealt to an enemy as well being. He’s mainly a powerful tank!

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Ivy


Models that may pull double responsibility by being good harm sellers and healers are extremely useful all through Hearth Emblem Interact. Ivy is that. She will hit S-rank with tomes simply, her Magazine stat is incredible, and he or she’s most likely going to be amongst your first flying models who can heal, making it straightforward for her to succeed in allies. She begins with Single-Minded, which implies she will get +20 hit when going through her most up-to-date opponent once more. As a Lindwurm, she may even study Greedy Void, which seems to be to her Dex to find out the chances of her dealing further tome-based harm based mostly on half of her enemy’s Magazine stat.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Jean


Jean is Hearth Emblem Interact’s “villager” character, which implies he primarily has limitless potential due to his beginning talent experience. It ensures enhanced stat development when he ranges up. Since he begins as a Martial Monk like Framme, his superior class could be Excessive Priest. So like Pandreo, he will get the good Mystical bonus and Self-Therapeutic. However since he does have Experience, you possibly can mess around with Emblem Rings to construct proficiencies, have enjoyable, and switch him into some actually cool class.



Personally, I most popular to maintain Zelkov round as my thief, however I have to admit Yunaka is the extra invaluable unit. That’s due to her first talent, Skilled to Kill. If she will get an Avo bonus from the terrain she is standing on, her Crit charge may even go up by 15. Think about that mine’s Crit charge was already admirably excessive (it handed 20 at stage 25) and he or she has the Covert profit doubles her terrain Avo bonus, and he or she’s simply too helpful.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters


It’s most likely not shocking that Veyle is one other one of many typically greatest Hearth Emblem Interact characters. Mine had an inclination to virtually die usually, as a result of infuriatingly low HP. Nevertheless, she comes with two nice unit-exclusive weapons, that are the Misericorde dagger and Obscurite tome. Her Magazine and Res are nice, although! She additionally comes with Fell Safety, which grants adjoining allies +1 harm and -3 harm, and Fell Spirit, which fills her Interact meter by one every flip.

These Can Be Some of the Best Fire Emblem Engage Characters Panette

Honorable Mentions: Citrine and Panette

These two are my “your mileage could fluctuate” picks. Citrine I like rather a lot for Generosity. If she makes use of a therapeutic merchandise, each adjoining ally additionally positive aspects that very same quantity of well being, which makes her your solely non-Micaiah AOE healer instantly. As a Sage, she additionally will get Spell Concord, which advantages her being round different allies by granting Atk equal to adjoining ones when she makes use of a tome.

As for Panette, give her a Metal or Silver Greataxe. Let her Berserker Smash+ talent push enemies two areas away with the greataxe’s Smash assault. Put her in hurt’s means so her base Blood Fury talent provides her +10 Crit so long as her HP isn’t at 100%. Make the most of her “Backup” nature to assist construct up allies’ chain assaults. Revenue.

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