Best Fire Emblem Engage Weapons

You may occur upon a whole lot of weapons whereas taking part in Fireplace Emblem Have interaction, and the flexibility to go to the Smithy to forge and engrave Emblems on them imply even so-so Metal or Silver ones could be your greatest in the mean time. Nonetheless, there are just a few particular ones you’ll encounter all through the sport. These may have sudden ranges, higher stats, or particular results that make them value buying and utilizing. So, that will help you out, I’ve put collectively an inventory of a few of the most useful gear you possibly can occur upon, in addition to suggestions for who is likely to be a very good match for them.

Editor’s Observe: There are critical Fireplace Emblem Have interaction spoilers beneath. Nonetheless, no pictures will probably be used to point out the occasions main as much as or surrounding it.

Okay, right here’s a full listing of wonderful weapons I’ve discovered and the place I discovered them. I additionally provided some options. Nonetheless, take into account that’s simply what I did, as I tended to equip the parents I used most frequently with the “good” stuff. An excellent rule of thumb is to ensure each unit you may use has one “nice” weapon.

  • Brionac: Lance that has 1-2 vary. You get it from a corrupted in Chapter 22. I prefer it for Timerra.
  • Caladbolg: Defeat Zephia in Chapter 21 and she or he’ll drop it. This sword is greatest within the palms of Diamant.
  • Cinquedea: Get it from the chest on the left in Chapter 25. Don’t depart with out it, as you’ll remorse passing this legendary 1-2 vary dagger by. Then, once you get it, give it to Merrin.
  • Carnwenhan: The one “smash” dagger within the sport, and it could possibly additionally poison a foe. Nonetheless, you possibly can by no means strike first when utilizing it. The thief in Chapter 21 close to Veyle carries it and it is rather simple to overlook. It has a variety of 1, not like most daggers, so possibly think about it for Zelkov?
  • Divine Fist: You get this artwork by hitting degree 5 donations for Brodia. Framme is the one character I ever had assault with fists, so maybe let her have it?
  • Excalibur: This begins Griss’ pattern of dropping nice tomes in Chapter 20. That is the very best wind tome and is efficient towards flying. Give it to any mage with A-rank proficiency in tomes.
  • Fensalir: The lance that comes within the Order of Heroes Fireplace Emblem Heroes free DLC. It inflicts -2 assault on foes close to its wielder when a flip begins. Give it to Timerra?
  • Flame Lance: Mauvier brings it with him when he joins in Chapter 21. This has 1-2 vary and good crit. Let him preserve it.
  • Fragarach: That is the Solm tier 5 donation reward. I had Panette utilizing this axe in my sport.
  • Folkvangr: The sword that comes within the Order of Heroes Fireplace Emblem Heroes free DLC. If the consumer has lower than 50% well being when a flip begins, they get Atk +3. I let Goldmary have mine.
  • Georgios: The “smash” sword that may’t strike first or follow-up. Zephia drops it in Chapter 23. Goldmary ended up carrying mine and she or he used it nicely!
  • Hurricane Axe: Marni will drop this in Chapter 14. This axe is efficient towards flying varieties. I’d say it’s nice for both Jade or Rosado, however Rosado used it greatest in my playthrough.
  • Lendabair: Chapter 24 enemy drop. Give this bow to Alcryst or Fogado.
  • Levin Sword: You get this sword as an enemy drop in Chapter 12. Given this 1-2 vary weapon depends on magic, let Celine use it.
  • Nodus Employees: Hit the extent 5 donation tier with Elusia. This workers fills each allies’ Have interaction meter and has one use. Possibly put it aside for whichever staff-user you carry into the finalbattle in Chapter 26?
  • Noatun: The axe that comes within the Order of Heroes Fireplace Emblem Heroes free DLC. Its gimmick is {that a} character will get Mov +1 for a flip if their well being is 40% or much less. Since Panette’s a berserker whose well being ought to by no means be at 100%, give it to her possibly?
  • Nova: Unbelievable tome dropped by Griss in Chapter 23. It ensures whoever makes use of it is going to assault twice, so long as they provoke fight. Give it to Ivy.
  • Obscurite: Veyle’s distinctive tome. She brings it with when she joins in Chapter 22. It’s wonderful darkish magic.
  • Peshkatz: I missed this and needed to reload a save and return, so watch out! In Chapter 20, there’s a Wolf Knight within the space beneath Griss that carries this toxic, 1-range dagger. Get it and let Yunaka have it.
  • Ukonvasara: A “smash” axe that doesn’t allow you to follow-up or strike first. Dropped by an enemy in Chapter 24. Panette and Jade could be good matches for it.
  • Venomous: This lance is the tier 5 donation reward from Firene, and it’s a “smash” spear that may poison enemies, however can’t hit first or follow-up. I’d say give it to Louis.
  • Wille Glanz: Divine Dragon Sword for Alear with a 1-2 vary. Acquired by defeating Corrupted Lumera in Chapter 25. .
  • Wyrmslayer: Oh, you don’t need to miss this one within the Chapter 14 lefthand chest. It’s efficient towards dragons. Give it to Diamant and let him go kill each massive dragon foe in your method for the remainder of the sport.

Fireplace Emblem Have interaction is accessible for the Nintendo Change.