What’s the worst thing you’ve done for an achievement?

Within the newest version of Ask RPS, our new mailbag function the place RPS supporters pose us questions that we then reply in public posts for everybody to take pleasure in, we’re turning our gaze to that cherished and loathed staple of the video gaming panorama: achievements. Ah, achievements. By no means thoughts in the event that they’re good or dangerous. At the moment, we’re remembering the horrible issues we have accomplished to truly get them.

The query comes courtesy of Fachewachewa, who requested: What is the worst factor you have accomplished for an achievement? Or extra usually, a time you have been targeted on a selected aim in a recreation, reached it (or gave up), and after, appeared again and thought, “Why did I try this?”

Why, certainly. Come and discover out which achievements have spawned our greatest gaming regrets, and why not inform us about your personal gaming follies within the feedback? We are able to all wallow in our foolishness collectively.

James: A few years in the past I, prepared and of sound thoughts, carried a backyard gnome all through everything of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 in order that I’d stuff it right into a rocket on the finish. And for what? I knew beforehand that there’d be no additional cutscenes, no various endings, not even an acknowledging voice line to be gained from the train; I did it about 20% for the achievement and 80% in order that I might inform my associates I carried a backyard gnome all through everything of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. None of them have been notably impressed.

I’ll say that the necessity to take care of lil’ Gnome Chompski did add an attention-grabbing problem, particularly attempting to cease him bouncing out of a muscle automobile with no doorways or roof. However that’s finally simply issue for issue’s sake, a recreation trope I’ve since grown to despise. Moreover, Gaben despatched a gnome to house for actual in 2020, additional consigning my effort to the footnotes of decorative rocketeering historical past.

Katharine: Like James, I additionally tried to accompany Gnome Chompski by way of the entire of Episode 2, however failed nearly immediately and could not be bothered to restart. I used to be this shut to getting the Zombie Chopper achievement in vanilla Half-Life 2, although, which includes taking part in by way of Ravenholm utilizing simply the Gravity Gun. It was an incredible thrill for the primary 80% of it, however my final and most trusted serrated noticed blade pinged off into oblivion once I fired it at a headcrab and I by no means noticed it once more, leaving me alone and defenceless in a swarm of hungry zombs. I actually, actually, actually did not wish to attain for my gun, however I additionally had little or no life left and did not wish to do the whole factor over once more. I do not remorse the expertise, although, because it was a enjoyable problem and made me take into consideration the Gravity Gun and Half-Life 2’s immensely intelligent systemic physics nonsense in cool new methods. At some point, I am going to return and do it proper.

I clearly have a factor about bizarre weapon challenges, although, as years later I did handle to finish Alan Wake’s Gunless Surprise achievement, which stays one in every of my rarest achievement wins to today. This includes attending to Cauldron Lake with out firing a single bullet through the ‘On The Street To Cauldron Lake’ chapter, and man alive, it was intense. That one, although, I do remorse. Why? Simply why? Why did I put myself beneath such pressure in arguably essentially the most nerve-racking chapter of a really tense and spooky recreation? Absolute insanity. What was I pondering?

A screenshot of Alan Wake, showing Alan approaching a town on a ferry.

Evidently, once I performed the Alan Wake remaster, I didn’t attempt to Gunless Surprise it a second time. As soon as was sufficient.

Ollie: Do any of you keep in mind Patterns, that Linden Lab sandbox recreation that was principally Minecraft Alpha, however with triangles? I performed it when it was first introduced out in early entry, and I had a good bit of enjoyable with it. Then I noticed that there was a contest on the sport’s discussion board to create essentially the most superb construct doable, and the winner bought a top-tier Alienware PC.

I spent over 30 hours placing collectively a spectacular construct I referred to as “World-Eaters”, a tableau of a number of Sandworm-esque monsters burrowing by way of and tearing aside one in every of Patterns’ small pyramidal planets. An out of doors the field construct that was as intricate because it was grandiose. I used to be immensely pleased with myself – till I appeared on the wonderful print on Alienware’s web site and noticed that the PC was solely eligible for US contributors. After which, to high it off, one of many devs emailed me saying that “as key members of the neighborhood”, my brother and I ought to give this contest a go.

After that betrayal, I misplaced the need to proceed taking part in Patterns. Most likely a great factor actually, as a result of I heard the early entry interval was dealt with atrociously after that, after which the sport was shut down. However I have been a damaged man ever since. That PC ought to have been mine.

Ezio knocks an enemy off a roof, surely to his death, in Assassin's Creed 2

Murderer’s Creed II’s feathers are clearly a collective stain on many an RPS Treehouser…

Alice Bee: I solely have the boring ‘idk’ reply to this one, as a result of I do not are inclined to get hung up on stuff like cheevos – or, if I do begin doing one thing, I get bored very rapidly. Like, I attempted accumulating all of the Mom’s Amnesia Feathers in Murderer’s Creed II, however after a few them realised it was very pointless and I should not hassle. In video games like Stardew Valley, I am going to attempt to lay out a pleasant farm, however then cannot hassle my arse to replant issues or transfer stuff round as soon as it will get larger.

I’ve, up to now, spent lots of time wanting up the particular issues you must do and presents you must give to romance characters in BioWare video games, or develop into finest associates with them. Really, excited about it, I can look again and ask myself, “Why have I spent greater than 300 hours taking part in Dragon Age: Inquisition?”

Liam: I like the concept of achievements greater than the act of really buying them. I really feel like I begin most video games decided to achieve each gong however rapidly hand over the second it asks me to do one thing pretty innocuous like play the sport a second time on the next issue or one thing. I vividly keep in mind spending weeks attempting to gather each trophy in Murderer’s Creed II, however walked away in frustration after struggling to search out the ultimate bastard feather that might have allowed me to achieve the platinum. That one nonetheless stings. Possibly that’s why I don’t hassle anymore?

A picture of Fortnite season 3 chapter 1 characters including The Foundation, who looks like Dwayne Johnson.

“It rubs the lotion on its pores and skin or else it will get the hose once more,” Liam chants in his sleep each evening…

Shamefully, my actual reply to this query is that each different month I spend a disgusting variety of hours levelling up my battle cross in Fortnite to unlock a bunch of skins I’ll ignore in favour of one thing I paid extra cash for from the in-game store. I’ve been doing this for years. I performed the sport on Christmas fucking Day simply to ensure I didn’t miss out on Doom Man. There isn’t any satisfaction in hitting that arbitrary aim, and but when the subsequent season rolls round I dutifully do it another time.

Hayden: I bloody love achievements. Steam achievements, Gamerscore, Platinum trophies, I would like all of them. I’ve spent many nights trying to find them, and an achievement that’s laborious to get can put me off a recreation. Heck, the Emperor! achievement turned me off The Elder Scrolls On-line completely! To get that delectable ding, you needed to develop into the primary participant in your PvP faction. No! Why would I try this? But additionally, I would like that achievement, and if I can’t have it, then I’m not taking part in!

A troublesome achievement that I did attempt to pop was ManBearPig! in South Park: Let’s Go Tower Protection Play. It was an Xbox Arcade recreation wherein you’d place towers to defend towards an onslaught of cows, previous individuals, demons, that type of factor. Every character additionally had a fundamental assault that allow you to hurl a snowball for a tiny smidge of harm. The penultimate degree pitted you towards a troublesome ManBearPig boss within the last wave. The achievement concerned beating the whole degree, together with ManBearPig, with out utilizing any towers on the toughest issue. Snowballs solely! Me and a pal spent ages attempting, however we by no means did handle it. I don’t remorse it, although. We’d gone to completely different secondary faculties, however this stupidly laborious achievement helped us keep associates for a 12 months or so longer earlier than we finally grew aside. I feel that’s fairly good.

And when Bloodborne inevitably involves PC, you’ll be able to guess Ed can be there on the a number of endings prepare but once more.

Ed: I do and I do not get hung up on achievements. I do wish to gather some uncommon ones after which I realise it is actually troublesome to, so then I do not. Off the highest of my head, one I actually put my thoughts to was Bloodborne’s platinum trophy for accumulating the entire achievements and beating the entire endings.

I did the trick that almost all of us did, the place I reached a degree within the recreation the place I might tee’d myself up properly for every ending, then uploaded the save file to the cloud. I might then re-load it after ticking off every ending, and voila, job accomplished! In any other case, I am certain I’ve chased lots of achievements within the type of campaigns on hardest difficulties, with Halo 3 and Attain springing to thoughts. God, the stress.

Rachel: I’m additionally probably not into achievements however there’s one in The Longing the place it’s good to wait 400 real-time days to get up a King sleeping deep underground, so I set an alert on my telephone’s calendar, completely forgot about it, then over a 12 months later booted up the sport to get the achievement. Sure, I might have modified the clock on my laptop or watched a video on YouTube seeing what would occur, however it was simply one thing I felt the necessity do myself. It wasn’t actually price it both!

Take Rachel’s recommendation and simply fiddle along with your PC calendar for this one.

Rebecca: My preliminary response to this query was a barely self-indulgent declare to not be invested in achievement searching. My time with a recreation tends to return to a pure finish as soon as I’ve seen every little thing that pursuits me, I used to be going to say. And in equity to me, that’s technically true. However then I appeared nearer and realised that principally all of my most-played video games on Steam are ones the place you’ll be able to gather little bits of information concerning the characters, perhaps culminating in dressing them in several costumes and stuff. And I realised the unhinged frequency with which I’ve spent extra time than I actually wished to unlocking alternate outfits I am going to by no means equip for a personality who’s, in my estimation, a strong B-tier at finest.

The truth that I accomplished Momo’s full profile in HuniePop ought to frankly be written on a board slung round my neck whereas somebody rings a bell over my head and marches me by way of the city centre, the place I’ve to admit to everybody I meet that Momo makes my pores and skin crawl however I compulsively 100%-ed her route anyway.

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